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Snip-its DUO Swimmers Solution and No Yellin Melon (Single Pair)

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No Yellin’ Melon Crème Kids Conditioner is the perfect daily nourishment for hair. Ingredients like Jojoba and Panthenol, naturally restore critical moisture and strength, while a super dose of anti-oxidant Vitamin-E adds shine and protection. Lightweight and with a fresh melon scent, it’s like giving kids’ hair a multi-vitamin – but without any complaints thanks to its detangling and tear free properties.

Swimmer’s Solution Clarifying Kids Shampoo purifies hair and scalp without stripping natural oils and luster. Chlorine and residue from hard-water, styling products or medication disappear easily, restoring hair’s beauty. Use in place of daily shampoo for kids once or twice weekly for clean, healthy, shiny hair. Ideal for deep cleansing before chemical and conditioning treatments, or when creating special styles.